Lift Off: Stain Removal Travel Trio Kit

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This amazing set of stain removers is a true must-have.
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MOTSENBACHER - Lift Off: Stain Removal Travel Trio Kit. This amazing set of stain removers is a true must-have. It includes three travel size bottles of patented stain removal products that are specifically formulated for three different categories of stains: water- and protein-based stains, petroleum and natural-oil based stains, and pen, ink, marker, and dye stains. This set will remove juice, tea, wine, coffee, salad dressing, blood, sap, tar, tape, wax, correction fluid, nail polish, ink and so much more from virtually any surface. Each bottle lists the types of stains that particular formula will work on and a handy Name That Stain guide booklet is included. Two of the three varieties are water-based formulas that are biodegradable. This package contains three 2 fl.oz. bottles of stain removers (one each of Foods Beverages & Pets, Adhesives Grease & Oils, and Pen Ink & Marker). Made in USA.

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