Yaley Metal Mold Cylinder 3"x 6.5"

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Yaley Metal Mold Cylinder 3"x 6.5"
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Yaley Metal Mold Cylinder 3"x 6.5": Yaley Metal Molds come in a variety of size and shapes. Candles have been around forever as a source of light, but now we use them to set the mood or as decoration for many holidays or special occasions. Get the shape you want using pre-shaped molds. Metal edges can be sharp, please use with caution. Cylinder 3"x 6.5"- This metal mold has a 4" square base for stability. The base is 3/8" above the surface, so there is room for the wick to go through the hole in the bottom of the mold. Holds 1.5lb of wax.

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